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Technical Notes
Technical Notes

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About Maintenance & Support

Maintenance / Support Benefits

Our software is licensed with an initial 12 months free maintenance subscription which is included in the one-off license fee.**

Our maintenance subscription includes all new versions of the software and insures compatibility with new versions of Operating systems and Omnis Studio, as well as backward compatibility with older versions.

For an additional fee* our technical support subscription will provide benefits such as answers to technical questions, feedback regarding software issues as well as intermediate patches.







Software Downloads

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Maintenance subscription benefits:
  • Free Maintenance Downloads
  • All new major versions of the product. No upgrade fees

Support subscription benefits: *

  • Report software problems via on-line form 
  • E-mail technical support, initially via on-line form
  • Input into new features
  • Intermediate patches for critical software corrections
  • Software sponsorship program

For further details about our support and development policies, please refer to our 
support policy document and our life cycle policy document.

* Available as three products, i.e. individual (1 developer), team (up to 3 developers) or premier (up to 7 developers).
** After the free period, maintenance subscriptions, if continued beyond the initial free 12 month period, are charged at 30% of the current license fee per num.

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Last Updated: 13 May 2022 Brainy Data Limited

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